Certification & Recertification of Training Centres

Chairperson: Alvydas Juocevicius

Conditions to be a Board Certified Training Centre:

  • To be recognised as a training facility in PRM by the responsible national authority for this purpose in its Country.
  • To be directed by a doctor, who is :
    • a specialist in PRM, European Board Certified and recognised as trainer by the UEMS PRM Board,
    • responsible for a team comprising: one other Board Certified specialist in PRM, professionals allied to medicine, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists as well as a cadre of other personnel (speech therapists, psychologists, social workers).
  • To contain the facilities to perform diagnostic assessments, functional investigation and measurement, and treatments relevant to the discipline of PRM.
  • To maintain a network of contacts among clinical colleagues and professionals allied to medicine in hospital settings and services assisting the discharge of patients into the community.
  • To show training activity:
    • in clinical domains through organising of case presentations, symposia, staff meetings  and journal club meetings.
    • in research work by trainee participation in the research activities of the unit
    • in the domain of teaching in the availability of the requisite educational tools, particularly a library sufficiently stocked with PRM texts and works, which are kept up to date as well as audio-visual aids for teaching.
NB / It is advised that the number of trainees in any one unit does not exceed the number of available specialists in PRM for training.


If a service wishes to be recognized as a Training Centre by the European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, registration to the Board is the first compulsory step. The form can be found on the website of UEMS European Board of PRM and should be sent preferably by e-mail:
  • to the Chairman of the Centre Visit Committee, after verification of the files by the National Manager and
  • to the Treasurer, who will check the Board Registration forms and payments.

Registration fees will be directly paid to the Treasurer in euro (by credit transfer), at the same time as the registration file is sent. The copy of the bank proof in electronic form is sent to the Treasurer with the applicant’s name clearly written. To achieve the Certification, each Training Centre will be required to pay a fixed charge of € 700 Euro, one month in advance of the planned visit. Files and payment should be arranged before the visit. No visit will be done before receipt of full registration payment and of synthetic form.

In case the Head of the Dept. to be visited is not Board Certified, the procedure for Board Certification by Equivalence as well as the procedure for Board Certification as a Trainer must finish prior to the visit. There will be no visit unless the Head of the Department is Board Certified.

After the visit and the decision of the Board Jury, certification is often given for 5 years. If there are any recommendations, restricted certification is given. Recommendation should be followed by the local visitor in the appropriate period. If recommendations have been applied the full time-certification is attributed by the Jury. If the recommendations are not implemented within the provisory period the Jury has to decide for further procedure.

If an already certified PRM Training Centre changes its Chief of Department it is required to make a new application for accreditation. It is preferable that two of the trainers in a unit are EB-certified specialists in PRM, the Chief and another trainer. In case the new Head of the Dept. is the successor of the former and he is B.C. and trainer and the Service has not changed, the recertification process will be on file.

Application Form – DOWNLOAD

Conditions to be a Board Visitor:

  • To be a PRM Board Certified physician.
  • To be a Board certified Trainer.
  • To work in a PRM Centre which has been accredited by the Board.
  • To have experience of the Centre visit process.
  • To have participated in two previous Centre visits before being eligible to be the Centre Visit Team Leader.


Recertification of a Training Centre:

Any Centre with Certification for 5 years must re-apply for further accreditation.

Recertification will be awarded on file for five years if no change has taken place since the first visit. A new visit will be carried out if change has occurred.

Applicants for Recertification send their application form to the Chairman, who is responsible of their management and will submit them to the Jury. At the same time as the registration file is sent, the copy of the bank proof in electronic form is sent to the Treasurer.

To cover the expenses of Certification renewal for 5 years, each Training Centre will be required to pay a fixed charge of 350 Euro, without site visit. When a site visit will be required for the recertification, the fee will be 700 Euro, one month in advance of the planned visit.

Application Form & instructions for Recertification of a Training Centre – DOWNLOAD