EURO-MUSCULUS, Antalya, 2-6 December 2020

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Congresses & Courses

Dear colleagUS/friendUS,

It is our great pleasure/honor to invite you to the ‘US event of the year’ which will be organized in Antalya, 2-6 December 2020. For the 1st time in EURO-MUSCULUS and WORLD-MUSCULUS history; this year, our 3-day workshops will be followed by a 2-day symposium TURK-MUS. Of note, EURO-MUSCULUS will also be a tribute to the retirement of Prof. Martine De Muynck.

As it is well known for many years, the role of US imaging is established in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, and the awareness/interest of physiatrists is ever-mounting worldwide. In this sense, we are updating our program with new concepts and topics each year i.e. in accordance with the needs of musculoskeletal physicians, evolving technology and accumulating body of evidence-based data in the pertinent literature.

This year our 5-day event will be composed of several courses and lectures. In the 1st two days, while the participants will be studying the six joints and their common pathologies on the Basic side; they will focus more on nerves and spasticity on the Advance side. On the 3rd day, we will study several US-guided interventions that are commonplace in (daily clinical practice of) musculoskeletal medicine. On the last two days, participants will be able to listen to international experts discussing various perspectives on US imaging and guidance.

Last but not least; being one of the EURO-MUSCULUS classics, there will also be a LWM – Let’s Write a Manuscript workshop. Yet, scholarly publishing might even overweigh the impact of US imaging in (musculoskeletal) medicine.

We do look forward to welcoming you all in the ‘US event of the year’. Let’s meet where the continents meet !

On behalf of

Levent Özçakar
Scientific Organizer