Registration of PRM Trainees with the European PRM Board


  • Fields marked with star are mandatory.
  • Names, Country and Nationality should be written with Capital (Uppercase) letters, Dates in dd/mm/yyyy format, and Years in yyyy format.
  • Please pay special attention, as the name submitted through this form will be printed on all official documents issued by the Board. Latin non accented characters should be used.
  • NO PAYMENT is required for Trainees’ Registration.
  • After a successful submission, a confirmation message will be displayed on your screen. An email will be sent to you shortly with your Registration Number.
  • Configure your anti-spam, so as to accept emails sent from PRM Section and Board of UEMS. Otherwise you may miss critical information about your registration, announcements, events, benefits e.t.c.
  • In case you encounter problems with the online submission of your registration, please contact the

    Terms and Conditions

    1. You declare that you are a medical doctor (trainee in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in a UEMS member country) and that all data provided through this form are accurate.

    2. PRM Section and Board of UEMS keep the right to verify your data submitted through this form.

    3. Some identification data (name, country, email) may be sent to educational event organizers (for events under auspices of PRM Section and Board of UEMS), in order to grant you low cost participation benefits.

    4. You accept to receive emails from PRM Section and Board of UEMS.

    5. Your director/responsible of training has granted you the right to submit his/her data requested for your registration.

    6. Data submitted through this form are stored in a database according to the Privacy Policy of this site. These data will be used to define PRM Board’s policy regarding education, to grant you low cost participation in educational events and to inform you about actions related to the PRM Section and Board of UEMS.

    7. You are free to request cancelation of your registration. In this case, your data will be permanently removed from our database. Please contact

    8. PRM Section and Board of UEMS reserve the right to publish on the official website the list of registered trainees (Fisrt Name, Last Name, Country, Training Institution).