Registration Application for Accreditation

The European Accreditation of PRM Programmes of Care is a peer review procedure aiming to promote quality of PRM care in participating European countries. The Accreditation review process is based on voluntary work and the UEMS PRM Section decided to offer for a free registration for an introductory period.

If you wish to submit a programme of care to accreditation:

  • Please contact either the Chairman of Clinical Affairs Committee, Dr. Anda Nulle or the Secretary Dr. Iuly Treger to advise what type of programme you wish to submit. Dr. Nulle and Dr. Treger will advise on how to present your programme.
  • You will be given the opportunity to make a preliminary oral presentation during one workshop of the Clinical Affairs Committee. These workshops take place every six months during the General Assembly of the UEMS Section and Board of PRM. Each 6 months these workshops rotate through and are hosted by the member countries. If you cannot attend a workshop we suggest that you ask your National Delegate at UEMS PRM to present your programme on your behalf.
  • Please, download the SUBMISSION TEMPLATE (updated in September 2017) and complete it.
  • The main components of the application template are :
  • The general basis of your programme : pathological and impairment considerations, disability and handicap issues, social and economic consequences and the main principles of the programme.
  • Aims and goals of the programme : target population, goals of the programme
  • Content of the programme : assessment (diagnosis, impairment, activity and participation, environmental factor), intervention (timeframe of the programme, PRM specialist’s intervention, team intervention), follow up and outcome, discharge planning and long term follow up.
  • Programme details : clinical setting, clinical programme, clinical approach, facility description.
  • Safety and patient rights : safety, patient rights, advocacy arrangements
  • Numbers of PRM Specialists directly involved in the programme and team management.
  • Information management : patient records, management information, programme monitoring and outcome.
  • Quality improvement: strong points of the programme and those which require further development with an action plan to improve the programme.
  • References : scientific references and guidelines cited in the programme description. Details about national standards documents.

After receipt of your written programme, the CAC Chairman or general Secretary will keep you informed about progress with your accreditation application.

Dr. Anda Nulle, Dr. Iuly Treger
Chairman and Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committee