UEMS PRM BOARD – Organization Chart

President: Nikolaos Barotsis

Past-President: Maria Gabriella Ceravolo

Incoming President: Aydan Oral

Secretary General: Aydan Oral

Deputy Secretary: Piotr Tederko

Treasurer: Rolf Frischknecht

Deputy Treasurer: Wim Janssen 

Board Certification Secretary General: Aydan Oral

Chairperson of Question Bank Committee: Nikolaos Barotsis

Chairperson of Board Certification by Equivalence: Rolf Frischknecht

Chairperson of Board Certification/Recertification of Training Centres: Alvydas Juocevicius

Chairperson of Board Certification of Trainers: Rolf Frischknecht

Chairperson of Board Recertification of Individuals: Aydan Oral

 Chairperson of CME/CPD activities: Nicolas Christodoulou

Coordinator of National Managers: Fitnat Dincer


Board Executive Committee

The Board Executive Committee is composed by:

the President of the Board, the Vice-President (President-Elect) and the Past-President of the Board, the President of the PRM Section of UEMS, the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Deputy Treasurer.


Jury for Board Certification

The Jury for Board Certification is composed by:

 the Board President, Section President, Board Past President, Board Vice President, Secretary General, Board Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Certification by Equivalence & Certification of Trainers Chairperson, Recertification of Individuals Chairperson, Training Centres Certification Chairperson, CME/CPD activities Chairperson.

Note: Limited to the Certification by Examination activities, the Jury also includes the National Managers of the countries in which the European Board of PRM Examination is integrated into the assessment process of the national education scheme for PRM specialists and made compulsory.



Committee for Board Education

The Committee for Board Education is composed by:

the Board President (chairperson), the Board Past President, Board Vice President and the Board Experts (nominated by the Board Executive Committee every two years)