Accreditation Review Procedure

First Issued in Cambridge, March 2009, amended in Bled, September 2014.

Updated Bratislava September 2017

Written descriptions of PRM Programmes submitted to UEMS PRM Accreditation should be sent to Iuly Treger;, who will make a preliminary review to check that the application complies with the template structure.

Applicants should have first asked their UEMS PRM National Manager to review the application to confirm the programme details. The National Manager or the other National delegate from the applicants country should confirm the accuracy of the application information in writing to UEMS CAC. Unfortunately applications for accreditation cannot be considered without formal validation by the National PRM society.

Applicants are then invited to present their application in person at the next available CAC committee workshop. These UEMS CAC workshops normally occur in either March or September each year.

Next, the documents are sent to two or more reviewers for further analysis and comments. Reviewers are invited to complete their review with one month. Reviewers should advise the CAC Chair if there is likely to be a delay.

The reviewed application is then returned to the applicant for revision as needed. After the applicant makes any requested revisions, the final documents are circulated to CAC committee members and tabled for discussion at the next CAC workshop. Any additional comments are addressed before final validation by the Clinical Affairs Committee.

The applicant can expect to receive comments about his submission within approximately 2 months. The final decision on accreditation will be validated during the UEMS PRM General Assembly meetings which take place twice a year. The accreditation decision will be forwarded to the candidate after the UEMS General Assembly.

Please note: The reviewing process aims to help each author to refine and improve his/her application document. The experience of the UEMS CAC is that authors may need guidance about the criteria for accreditation acceptance and how to highlight the strengths of the programme. The CAC aim is to assist applicants from member countries enhance the scientific quality of PRM Programmes of Care in their country.

Dr. Anda Nulle, Dr. Iuly Treger
Chairman and Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committee