PRM Board of UEMS

The European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is a Working Group of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Section of the Union Européenne des Médecins Specialistes (U.E.M.S., European Union of Medical Specialists). It was founded by a separate statute in 1991.

The Board is interested in defining in clear terms­ “European Standards”, i.e. the basic elements for a European training programme, the opportunities and conditions for training rotation, attachments, exchanges and the average level of required knowledge and technical competence. More specifically, Board aims are to harmonize the training in E.U. so as to ensure optimal rehabilitative care for patients in the countries of European Union. In addition, the Board will pursue the objectives of UEMS in so far as they apply to Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

The main activities of the Board are:

  • Harmonization of PRM training in Europe
  • Certification of PRM specialists (by examination and equivalence)
  • Certification of PRM trainers
  • Certification/Recertification of PRM training centres
  • Continuing Medical Education and Recertification of PRM Specialists
  • Accreditation of European congresses and Teaching Programmes

The aim of this website is to provide updated information, usefull resources and online registration procedures through a user-friendly interface. For your convenience information regarding Board has been grouped in thematic categories. These categories are easily accessible by clicking on the relevant submenus located under “PRM Board” in main menu area.

Organization Chart

Presents the structure of Board Committees and the contact details of their members.

National Managers

Your National Delegate in charge to support Board activities in your Country. National Managers will be glad to provide you all necessary information about Board activities and registration procedures. Their contact details can be found in this page

Registration of Trainees

Pages dedicated to PRM trainees. Registration with PRM Board is free, can be done online and confers special privileges to European PRM trainees.

Certification Procedures

Resources regarding Board Certification Procedures. Detailed information on registration procedures, important announcements, online and downloadable forms are available for:

  • Certification of young PRM doctors by examination
  • Certification of PRM Doctors by Equivalence
  • Recertification of PRM Doctors
  • Certification of Trainers
  • Certification and Recertification of training Centres.

Accreditation of Events

The Role of CME/CPD (Continuing Medical Education / Continuing Professional Development) Committee is to evaluate the scientific events forwarded by the UEMS EACCME. This webpage presents the members of the committee, with contact details and useful information on accreditation procedures.

Announcements about educational events, reports from Board meetings, will be regularly published in “news”, “courses”, “congresses” and “events” sections of this site, located in main menu area.