The Specialty of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

European definition of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) is an independent medical specialty concerned with the promotion of physical and cognitive functioning, activities (including behaviour), participation (including quality of life) and modifying personal and environmental factors. It is thus responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation management of people with disabling medical conditions and comorbidity across all ages.

Specialists in PRM have a holistic approach to people with acute and chronic conditions, examples of which are musculo-skeletal and neurological disorders, amputations, pelvic organ dysfunction, cardio-respiratory insufficiency and the disability due to chronic pain and cancer.

PRM specialists work in various facilities from acute care units to community settings. They use specific diagnostic assessment tools and carry out treatments including pharmacological, physical, technical, educational and vocational interventions. Because of their comprehensive training, they are best placed to be responsible for the activities of multi-professional teams in order to achieve optimal outcomes.”

Validated in Antalya (October 2003)

D8908 ter European Resolution

“In all integrated Rehabilitation Teams the responsibility for diagnosis and treatment can only belong to a medical practitioner competent in Rehabilitation. He or she alone can take responsibility for modifying the prescribed or alter its administration, taking account of the advise and suggestions proposed by the other members of the team, through their professional relationship with the patient, at the regular team meetings. In all cases, the final decision and responsibility rest entirely with the competent medical practitioner in medical charge.”

Approved unanimously by the executive committee of the UEMS, in BRUSSELS the 28 April 1989

Approved by the General Assembly of the “Standing committee of European Doctors” in 1990

Why is PRM such an attractive specialty ?

PRM is a comprehensive specialty

  • Concerned with all ages of life
  • With a holistic medical approach, including social & environmental factors
  • Dealing with varied and complex pathologies (spanning sports injuries to chronic progressive disease, eg. multiple sclerosis)
  • Based on biomechanics, neurobiology, effort biology, human sciences,information technologies…

PRM Specialists play a core role inside health teams and networks Multidisciplinary consultation:

  • Neurological rehabilitation, brain injury, stroke
  • Musculoskeletal medicine
  • Spine : scoliosis, low back pain
  • Sports Medicine and Traumatology
  • Amputations

Medico-technical structures for in and out patients

  • Functional assessment
  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation, including technological

Rehabilitation networks for outpatients

  • Social, vocational and community links

Modern tools in rehabilitation assessment

  • Gait, posture and movement analysis
  • Kinematics and kinetic measurement
  • Urodynamic evaluation
  • Effort assessment and training
  • Impact of impairment evaluation on functioning and quality of life

Humanity and Efficiency

  • PRM goals are individually set for each patient
  • Give hope to all « lifetime events »
  • Return sportsmen and women to competitive levels of fitness following injury
  • Optimize a disabled child functional potential
  • Use information technology in disablement

PRM is International !

  • A fully recognized specialty across the World: in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and in Asia
  • Scientific journals and international congresses

PRM is an enjoyable specialty !

  • Great demand in most European countries
  • Flexible working conditions
  • An opportunity to be involved in varied clinical activities and to expand cultural horizons…
  • Contacts with different professionals: scientists, sociologists, architects, engineers, patients associations…
  • International exchanges and projects…

Welcome to PRM !

It will be nice to work together…