Aims and goals

Quality of Care is the core issue addressed by the Committee for Clinical Affairs (CAC) of the UEMS PRM Section.

Although Health Care Management is still beyond the scope of the European Directives, the UEMS has issued several position papers to foster Quality Improvement in Specialized Medical Practice. When the Clinical Affairs Committee started to discuss this issue, national quality of care assessment existed in many European Countries, but no specific procedure existed for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM).

In 2004, the UEMS PRM Section decided to set up a European scheme for Accreditation of PRM Care Programmes. After a trial phase during which 13 programmes were accredited by a European jury of five members, the accreditation procedure was upgraded to focus on the medical and rehabilitation components addressed by each programme and the specific role of PRM specialists. Each year additional programmes of care have completed their accreditation.

Action Plan 2021:

  • To promote and manage the UEMS PRM accreditation and collect comprehensive descriptions of PRM activities in different programmes throughout Europe.
  • To promote peer assessment to support the development of accredited programmes in Europe.
  • To promote development of European PRM Programmes of Care, through cooperation with each National PRM Society.
  • To contribute to Consensus Guidelines based on European and National guidelines and recommendations, in collaboration with ESPRM, the European Academy and MFPRM. The CAC collects National Guidelines related to accredited programmes
  • To cooperate with PRM Journals in the field of quality of care and PRM programmes of care
  • To address patient’s rights in PRM: including access to rehabilitation information, obtaining consent during PRM programme activity and for goal setting via a treatment contract all delivered in safe clinical settings.
  • To contribute to World Report on Disabilities
  • To develop optimal procedure for creation and approval of clinical patways/algoritms in different fields of PRM practice
  • To develop professionally and to promote the development of Digital Health and Telerehabilitation across Europe
  • To contribute to development of the project Global Roadmap for Implementation of ICF across Europe

All past activities and decisions can be consulted in the CAC Compendium 2011 and beyond.

Dr. Anda Nulle and Dr. Iuly Treger

Chairman and Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committe