Benefits from Accreditation of a UEMS PRM Programme of Care

Successful participation in the Accreditation of a PRM Programme of Care will provide your programme with a series of practical benefits:

  • Validation of the scientific background and structure of your Programme of Care.
  • Improvement of the quality of care for your patients.
  • Recognition of your PRM programme by the European body – UEMS PRM.
  • Visibility by the display of your programme on the public UEMS PRM website.
  • Advice on Programme of care structure from a panel of experts in PRM
  • Access to on line examples of successfully accredited programmes.
  • Direct exchanges within a quality network of accredited programmes.
  • Contribution to the comprehensive description of the European PRM Specialty.
  • Opportunity to participate in International and National Congresses with free registration to some.
  • Opportunity to publish papers in PRM Journals and to be referenced in papers published by the CAC.

Dr. Anda Nulle, Dr. Iuly Treger
Chairman and Secretary of the Clinical Affairs Committee