Benefits from Accreditation of a UEMS PRM Programme of Care

Successful participation in the Accreditation of a PRM Programme of Care will provide your programme with a series of practical benefits:

  • Validation of the scientific background and structure of your Programme of Care.
  • Improvement of the quality of care for your patients.
  • Recognition of your PRM programme by the European body – UEMS PRM.
  • Visibility by the display of your programme on the public UEMS PRM website.
  • Advice on Programme of care structure from a panel of experts in PRM
  • Access to on line examples of successfully accredited programmes.
  • Direct exchanges within a quality network of accredited programmes.
  • Contribution to the comprehensive description of the European PRM Specialty.
  • Opportunity to participate in International and National Congresses with free registration to some.
  • Opportunity to publish papers in PRM Journals and to be referenced in papers published by the CAC.

Prof Mark Delargy
Chairman of the Clinical Affairs Committee