Post COVID-19 Case Report

This pandemic period puts rehabilitation services under pressure. However, the crisis is an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of rehabilitation also in people with covid-19. The WHO, as part of the Rehabilitation 2030 programme, has launched a major initiative to collect cases. It will be very important for our network to participate in a massive way to demonstrate the daily work that is being done in this area.

Launch of Post COVID-19 Case Report Form

WHO has established a Global Clinical Data Platform of COVID-19 and invites all Member States and health facilities to report anonymized patient-level clinical information to the WHO platform using a standardized Case Report Form (CRF).

The WHO Rehabilitation Programme, in collaboration with a Technical Working Group, has been leading on the development of a ‘Post COVID-19 CRF’, which can be used as a clinical tool to document mid- and long term consequences of COVID-19. Uniformity in the follow up of patients could ensure that mid- and long-term clinical and rehabilitation needs are identified.

For more information and should you or your network wish to submit data, kindly visit and register on the WHO Clinical Data Platform webpage.